Private Loan Terms Explained October 15, 2020

Private Loan Terms Explained

Private lenders have their own language used in the mortgage approval process and if you’re new to real estate investing we’d like to take a moment to review some commonly used terms you might hear during the course of your loan approval. Abstract: Also referred to as a property survey, this is a physical and literal description regarding property lines, easements and where the home […]

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Cross-Collateralization: Tap Into Unused Equity September 30, 2020

Cross-Collateralization: Tap Into Unused Equity

Cross-collateralization is a term used to describe a loan that is collateralized with multiple properties. One loan with multiple recorded liens. Most investors prefer the term “blanket loan” which essentially means the very same thing. One loan attached to several properties. And it’s a great option for real estate investors when a deal comes up and funds are needed quickly and the investor has equity […]

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Bank Financing VS. ABO Capital September 15, 2020

Bank Financing VS. ABO Capital

You know that we take a different approach when we review an application, either generated by a mortgage lender or broker, a real estate agent or directly from the ultimate borrower. If you’ve never applied for a loan from ABO Capital and are curious how we finance investment real estate, it’s really fairly simple. We apply basic, common sense guidelines and look at the entire […]

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The Fix and Flip Strategy August 31, 2020

The Fix and Flip Strategy

A private money loan is one that is issued to a borrower in order to finance and repair a property that currently does not meet industry standards. When a property is in what is considered a distressed condition, a traditional lender will not place a loan on the property. A private lender, on the other hand, such as ABO Capital, can review a potential purchase […]

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How to Fund More Projects with ABO Capital August 15, 2020

How to Fund More Projects with ABO Capital

Everyone could use more business, right? Have you ever called a business to order something when they have said, “Sorry, but we have enough business right now”? No, of course not. That would be crazy. The more successful a business becomes, the proprietor simply hires more people to handle the additional workload. Success breeds success. But what if that same business owner did want more […]

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Differences Between Private Lending & Conventional Lending July 30, 2020

Differences Between Private Lending & Conventional Lending

There are different types of mortgage lenders and even more so types of mortgage loan products. There are commercial lenders, construction lenders, residential lenders and more. There are notably two types of mortgage lenders which don’t always compete with one another, and yet provide a valuable service – private and conventional. Are you familiar with these two terms? Conventional Lending Conventional loans are those made […]

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